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January 7, 2021

Lane and Bill, I’ve mentioned to you both that I get a subscription to The Times for my aunt in Little Rock, Arkansas. She loves the paper, the small-town vibe, and Bill’s photos. She sent this email yesterday under the line, “Phabulous Photos”: Bill Rodgers!  I really love a couple of recent ones—especially the December 17 photo of red barns, with a background of those rolling hills dusted with snow and the December 10 photo with frosted branches foreground and the hills behind.

And how many newspapers are clever enough to have a page-wide photo at the top of the front page.  I’m mailing you a $45 check for a year’s extension of my subscription.

She’s volunteering to pay for the subscription (which in the past I have paid for) to be sure it continues! 

Happy New Year and kudos to you both!

Susan Tarver 


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