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Dayton City Council meeting for December


December 24, 2020

DAYTON—At the Dayton City Council meeting on Dec. 16, 2020, Planning and Community Development Director Meagan Hayes discussed progress by the Affordable Housing Commission. The Commission is reviewing multi-family tax exemptions, which could stimulate the construction of new or existing multi-family housing. The commission is also in the process of developing a marketing campaign.

The Dayton Planning Commission is working on docketing items and will be opening the Subdivision Code. Hayes said that would be done to streamline procedures and remove unknown and undesirable burdens or hurdles within the code. She said the goal is to stimulate growth and development in the city, to expand the economic base.

The Dayton Preservation Commission is working on restoring the grist wheel next to the Dayton levee path. Re-grouting will take place in the spring.

Hayes, along with Dayton Development Task Force members, are implementing a trial run of improvements for Main Street Trees, and the Task Force will fund those.

Hayes said the Planning Department had received a variance in a subdivision application, and the application is under review.

Recently, various site plan development applications have come into city hall.

Development inquiries and meetings are increasing “exponentially,” the housing market is on fire, and vacant lots are selling the second they are posted, said Hayes.

City Administrator Trina Cole said the South Third Street Sidewalk Project’s final walkthrough would take place this week.

She said Mayor Zac Weatherford and staff in the Public Works Department met with representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers for a walkthrough of the Dayton levee. The Public Works Department needs to remediate a few areas before a final inspection can be done.

County Commissioner Ryan Rundell, who was at the city council meeting, said the commissioners would vote this week on the new interlocal agreement with the City for law enforcement, dispatch, and court services. Once both parties sign the contract, the City’s Finance committee will meet to discuss its effect on the 2021 budget.

Rundell reported to the city council about the county’s Flood Control Zone District. The county engineer is waiting for permits from the state so that sediment removal from the Touchet River can begin, he said.

The Dayton City Council considered and adopted Ordinance No. 1972, amending portion of Title 8 of the Dayton Municipal Code, adopting new provisions related to real property surplus procedures and vacation procedures as requested by the Affordable Housing Commission. A Real Estate Review Committee could be established to make recommendations to the city council.

The City Council also considered and authorized the following:

The first reading, by title only, of Ordinance No. 1973, an ordinance granting PacifiCorp Inc, to provide for the transmission, distribution, and sale of electric energy for power, heat and light, and any other purpose for which electric energy may be used, within the City of Dayton’s public right of ways.

Resolution No. 1447; amending the Solid Waste Collection Service Agreement with Basin Disposal, Inc. The monthly collection rate will be 17.50 per month for a 96-gallon trash can.

Resolution No. 1448; repealing Section 2 of Resolution No. 1400 and authorizing the 2021 City of Dayton Master Fee Schedule.

Resolution No. 1449; a Fuel Tax Grant Agreement with the Transportation Improvement Board, in an amount up to $300,780, for overlay projects on “J” Street, between S Third St. and S. Fourth St., on Pearson Street between S. Third St. and S. Fourth St., and from Tremont St. to School Bus Street in 2022.

Resolution No. 1450; the Urban Forestry Management Plan by Community Forestry Consultants, for management of Main Street Trees.

Resolution No. 1451; giving the City Administrator the authority to legally bind the City for the sole purpose of requesting federal reimbursement for various federally funded transportation projects.

Resolution No. 1452; Authorizing Dec. 24, 2020, as Council’s discretionary holiday. This is to allow city staff a day off on Christmas Eve.


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