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January 9, 2020

Today We Go Home by Kellie Estes

After tragedy strikes her unit in Afghanistan, Larkin Bennet returns to her home in Washington to recover from the experience and the loss of her best friend and fellow soldier, Sarah.

Among Sarah’s possessions she discovers a diary belonging to an ancestor, Emily, who disguised as a man, fought as a soldier in the Civil War.

The story draws parallels between the war Emily fought in, and the experiences Larkin endured as a soldier in Afghanistan.

An interesting read from the standpoint of history, as well as the female perspective on a life of the soldier.

Review by: Dianne

Breaking Ground by Jan Hall

Architecture has an effect on us all, even if we don’t realize it. What good architects do many times is to show us how the built environment can be full of unique possibilities.

This book features women architects who have given us visions of the possible and structures that inspire.

Review by: Ben


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