City of Dayton seeks interested stakeholders to join the Affordable Housing Commission


December 26, 2019

The Affordable Housing Commission (AHC) was established via Ordinance 1952 on August 14th, 2019, codified in the Dayton Municipal Code (DMC) as Chapter 1-14. The City of Dayton established the AHC to enable the City Council to make well-founded decisions driven by community stakeholders regarding affordable housing. Housing is considered “affordable” if the household is paying no more than 30% of total income on monthly housing expenditures, including utilities. In the City of Dayton, 40% of owner-occupied households and 46% of renter-occupied households are “cost-burdened” – meaning the household spends more than 30% of income on housing costs. Efforts to reduce the number of cost-burdened households will directly benefit the entire community by offering support to achieving resiliency and creating an economically strong, vibrant, and healthy community.

The AHC is tasked with conducting research regarding the concerns and issues surrounding affordable housing within the community. Additionally, the AHC is responsible for completing research on policy and procedural changes and for making recommendations on said policy and procedure that may further enable new developments. AHC members will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at Dayton City Hall, following the appointment of at least two additional members to establish a quorum.

AHC members are unpaid volunteer positions. Qualifications for appointments to the AHC include: residency of the City of Dayton; no additional servitude on other Council-appointed commissions; be a registered voter of Columbia County; and, have a passion and/or interest in new development and enhancing affordable housing developments in the city limits of Dayton.

Appointments are made by the mayor with confirmation of the City Council. Initial appointments will be staggered as outlined in DMC 1-14.020(B), up to a three-year term. Reappointments are for three-year terms.

For consideration, please submit a letter of interest to Meagan Bailey, Director of Planning and Community Development at or 111 S. 1st St., Dayton, WA 99328. Letters should be addressed to Mayor Zac Weatherford. Questions may be directed to Meagan Bailey at the above contact information. Visit for additional information on affordable housing.


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