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Emergency Management cautions earthquake awareness


Note from the editor: The following information is a reprint of information shared on the Walla Walla County Emergency Management Facebook page.

The recent quake activity in California reminds us that we are not immune from earthquakes here in Walla Walla County. History has recorded earthquakes that would be considered “strong,” “very strong” and “destructive” on the Modified Mercalli scale which implies intensity up to 6.5 magnitudes on the Richter Scale.

Since those earthquakes recorded in Walla Walla County are generally shallow earthquakes, significant damage would be expected. “It is not a question of if; it is question of when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Walla Walla County.” John Winter, Ph.D. - Professor of Geology, Whitman College

In addition to our local fault lines, studies of the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) reveal that, as this DNR map shows, shaking from a worst-case scenario CSZ event would be felt in our county. While it may be mild shaking, a worst-case scenario could last as long as 5 minutes, or more, potentially causing damage to local brick infrastructure.


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