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By Dena Martin
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January 17, 2019

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Ryan and Sami Thornton

My Facebook feed is regularly filled with posts from people who have lost dogs, sighted loose dogs or picked up lost dogs and are looking for their owners. It's always fun to watch dog and owner reunited.

This week, I've seen a post searching for the owner of a pair of glasses lost on Main Street in Waitsburg and another by a Mom whose young daughter lost a small purse near Caboose Park in Dayton. The young lady and her purse were quickly reunited.

I often see people tagging friends and acquaintances in posts for job listings, home sales or rentals, and goods for sale.

While Facebook often gets a bad rap, it is encouraging and uplifting to see communities cooperating and working together to help and support one another in this way.

Last month, several locals jumped on board to help with a truly heartwarming family drama of my own. My niece recently got married and the couple is expecting a baby in May. They are naming him Jack after a young man who visited them daily while they worked in the Edward Jones booth at the 2017 Solar Fest in Madras, Ore. Little Jack predicted that the two would get married, have a baby boy, and that they should name him Jack. I should mention that Jack was visiting, with his uncle, from Ireland.

On the morning of December 4, my sister-in-law made the post below on Facebook.

"PLEASE SHARE: We are looking for a little boy named Jack from Ireland. 

August 21, 2017 Solar Fest in Madras Oregon, a little boy named Jack from Ireland traveled to the USA with his uncle to see the solar eclipse. While he was here, he met Sami Agee and Ryan Thornton. The two were very early into dating and they had not even said they loved each other at that point. This little Irish boy, approximately 12 years old, said, "you love him don't you?" Speaking to Sami. Sami laughed, looked away and felt a tad uncomfortable. Then he immediately made an astounding prediction. He stated, "In three years the two of you will be married, and have a baby, and if you do, you guys should name him Jack." One year and two months later they got married, and are now expecting a baby. . . a boy . . . in May. And his name is going to be JACK. They would love to meet with Jack, or at the very least talk on the phone with him and send him pics of this baby he predicted to complete strangers. Please share this post, it needs to reach Ireland."

Within just a few hours, the post had 299 shares, including several shares from friends of mine from Dayton and Waitsburg that have ties to Ireland.

My sis-in-law posted that she was shocked at the response and said, "we just might find Jack! If we knew what we know now, we would have gotten more info from this little boy."

But that was nothing. The post ended up with 1.367 shares with comments saying individuals had shared in Galway, Derry, Sligo, Kerry, Tipperary, Cork and more. (Don't you love Irish town names?!)

Courtesy Photo

Jack from Ireland

Before the day was out, someone shared this post on the Dunskink Observatory page, from a man who had attended the Solar Festival with his 10-year-old nephew Jack.

Jack's uncle, who is not typically active on Facebook, had been found, and a friend request was issued. It took approximately 12 hours to locate Jack, with little to no information. Jack's uncle lives in Ireland while Jack and his mother recently moved to San Francisco.

"Jack is so thrilled to hear your news, and totally remembers you both. He's honestly in awe that you will name your son Jack. He is a great kid and has a big heart," wrote Jack's mom.

Uncle John is coming to the USA in April and plans have been made for both families to meet.


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