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Fairgrounds and Grandstands Possibilities


August 24, 2017

Dear Editor,

At the risk of having a council member refer to another suggestion as “ugly” let me put forth other possible ideas regarding the fairgrounds & grandstands:

What options are there to raise money to save the grandstand?

Does the grandstand qualify for some sort of historical help?

-If grandstand is demolished could folks bring lawn chairs for the mentioned concerts/events?

-If grandstand is demolished create a tiered mound of dirt in its place for those lawn chairs.

-If tiered mound is created possibly provide folding chairs for events.

-If folding chairs are used, rent padding to sit on.

(Leavenworth, WA has tiered seating at two outdoor venues using metal folding chairs. They also charge $1 to rent foam a few inches thick covered with material scraps to pad the chair.)

-If grandstand is demolished could that area become the stage location with seating on the grass from there to the paddock? (like arena seating at the SE Washington Fair and the Benton/Franklin fair concerts)

-Is the existing metal seating used at the ball fields sturdy enough to be moved to other locations on the grounds?

Could the concerts/events be performed on the infield ball fields using the existing seating? (Looking through the fence would not be ideal.)

-Is there a list of possible uses for the fairgrounds which have not been put down/shot down/discarded when presented/suggested?

-Changes have been made since the previous suggestions for the use of the grounds (building/panels removed—sold?). Does that allow for other suggestions for use of the facilities, or modification of previous suggestions since it increased usable open space?

Likely there are others with ideas and possibilities. Hopefully the record of previous suggestions being shelved/shot down will not deter them.

It is hoped accurate figures will become available within a reasonable time so an informed decision can be made. This issue is now more than a year old—seemingly adequate time to investigate alternatives and have facts upon which to base opinions/decisions. That could change if new viable options are put forth.


Jim Davison, Waitsburg


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