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 By John Avery    Specials    August 26, 2021

Audio Farm:Scary Science

I tend to lean into things when I shouldn't. When I feel sad, I overdo the mopey ballads and let the blues wash over me. When I'm home alone and already feeling tense, I find it the perfect time for...

 By John Avery    Specials    July 15, 2021

Homegrown Homebrew

Touring through wine country or some of our region's wonderful microbreweries might leave the impression that the production of adult beverages should be left to the experts. With kegs, tanks, and...

 By John Avery    Specials    July 8, 2021

Audio Farm: Big, Big, Big Thief

Few bands making music today have as impeccable a discography as the Brooklyn-based quartet, Big Thief. Starting with their 2016 debut, Masterpiece, they have pumped out a total of four studio...

 By John Avery    Specials    June 17, 2021

Audio Farm: All About Bob

Memorial Day weekend passed last month, and for me, it will always be associated with concerts at the Gorge Amphitheater. Home to the now-defunct Sasquatch Music Festival, which I attended many times...

 By John Avery    Specials    May 13, 2021

Comedy That Rocks!

Some of the best comedy comes from pain. A great comedian knows how to build tension around life’s hardships and release it for a cathartic laugh. This intersection between comedy and pain is at t...

 By John Avery    Specials    April 22, 2021

Sounds and Visions

On a recent late-night drive home, I was taken by a particular piece of imagery: dozens and dozens of red wind turbine lights pulsating through the darkness. Every few seconds, a unique rhythm of...

 By John Avery    Specials    April 8, 2021

Remembering John Prine

With vaccinations in full force, we appear to be in the last stretch of the painful COVID-19 era. It has been just over a year since we began gradually shutting down and going into relative...

 By John Avery    Specials    March 25, 2021

AudioFarm | Music Review

Coming of age in the '90s, I had an unfair bias against the saxophone. The once-hip instrument of jazz and early rock and roll had become associated with cheesy 80's hits like "Careless Whisper,"...

 By John Avery    Specials    March 18, 2021

AudioFarm | Music Review

Spring is just around the corner, and though my garden might not look like much more than barren winter scraps, it’s certainly starting to sound like a new season. The birds are chirping again, a d...


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