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Excited for what's next for Dayton


Dear Editor,

I'd like to give a shout-out to Melissa Gemmell for her article on the "Stand By Me" mural. It was timely, in my opinion, to have Padraic Slattery explain what his thoughts were. He is thinking outside the box, but going in the direction of bringing more people to Dayton.

There has been some talk about the mural being painted over of Historic Dayton. Painting over the mural did NOT suddenly erase Dayton's history, like a pencil eraser.  The history will always be here. This will always be Historic Dayton. It will be up to us Daytonites to share that with newcomers, visitors who may come to see this mural.

The new Visitors Guide will be out very soon. It is loaded with tidbits of historical information of Dayton, Waitsburg, Prescott, and Starbuck. I'll make sure Hotel Hardware will have a stack:)

I'm excited to see and feel the changes. The "old" Frontier II Tavern is being renovated to house Vikki's Sweet Shop, we have a new BBQ restaurant, a new art shop, what's next?!!!

Teeny McMunn

Dayton, Wash.

Publisher's note

Owner Padraic Slattery announced on social media that artist Daniel Lopez will be an artist in residence at the Hotel Hardware in Dayton. Lopez creates art, including aerosol murals and oil paintings.

Lane Gwinn

New mural "Stand By Me"at the Hardware Hotel

The hotel will feature work by the Spokane, Washington-based artist, including the recently completed mural based on the movie "Stand By Me."

More information about the artist and his work can be found at


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