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Alice Coachman, first black woman gold medalist


To the editor,

Throughout Washington State high schools during Black History Month, there has only been a small lump sum of instances where they’ve mentioned Alice Coachman. More high schoolers should know more than just Jesse Owens, Bessie Coleman, and Mae Jemison. They should be able to proudly notify others that Alice Coachman was the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal. She was able to accomplish the Olympic high jump title and American record of 5’ 6⅛”, even when there were times where she was shunned and neglected when it came down to competing in races with lighter skin shades. Unfortunately, she didn’t have access to the same track materials and uniforms that would’ve increased her performance even more. 

She was denied the eligibility to use the same coaching and practices that whites had partaken in. White racers tried to push negative mockery and parody within her consciousness. They would almost attempt to strip her of tranquility, equanimity, sedulity, limelight, and prominence. But even through that she still conquered and triumphed conveniently. She shook off the heavy pressure, the aggressive “NO’s,” the racial slurs, the pointed fingers, the intimidation, the respect that was nowhere to be found, and the disgust that was created.

Anyla McDonald

Walla Walla, Wash.


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