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Calls for Bryan's resignation


February 29, 2024

After viewing Seth Bryan’s behavior and his vote at the Feb 14, 2024, Columbia County Port Commissioner meeting I want to suggest that he should RESIGN as a Columbia County Port Commissioner IMMEDIATELY. He proposed, then voted on, removing the Executive Director’s Contract, which would then leave any employee in that position with no job security, except to the wishes of what he wants to allow or not allow. Mr. Bryan’s actions at that Port meeting were unprofessional and cruel. He took it upon himself to discuss personnel concerns at a public meeting. It is not the leadership we expect and need from Port Commissioners. Mr. Bryan also consistently posts negative comments about our community on social media.  As a commissioner he needs to respect the Port employees for all their years of Port experience, hard work, and successful programs they have worked on to improve our community. Instead, he seems to only promote ideas to diminish our county. The Port’s mission statement is -“The Port of Columbia’s mission is to maximize public resources and provide investment to create jobs, provide infrastructure  and maintain and improve the economic vitality of Columbia County and it’s communities.”

Mr. Bryan, if you don’t like how our community is you are free to move away at any time.

If fellow co-commissioner Johnny Watts agrees with Mr. Bryan he should also resign. Neither commissioner should follow and act in an inappropriate and hostile way to the Port staff and the community.

Carol Anderson

Dayton, Wash.


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