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Response to school board meeting

In response to a November 23, 2023 Waitsburg Times article concerning Dayton School Board meeting. 

Dear board members 

It has come to my attention after reading a November 23 article in the Waitsburg Times that CCC member Aneesha Dieu stated that she wanted a bit of “heightened awareness” on what kind of books were being brought into the school. I would like to caution the board members and staff on entertaining such cynical ploys to undermine public education. Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed an unprecedented campaign of censorship and intimidation that is being waged on America’s classrooms. Extremists collaborating with well-funded groups claiming to represent parents' rights have launched a broad-based assault on America’s classrooms. They aim to root out honest discussions about race, turn back the clock on inclusion, and strip teachers of their autonomy and professional voice. These reactionary movements are designed to sow distrust in public education and intimidate teachers. This attempt at censorship is a threat to free expression and students' first amendment rights. I deplore the idea that these school board meetings may turn into a culture war battleground. 

Theresa Eier 

Dayton, Wa 


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