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Weller Library shares portable mammal exhibit with students


October 26, 2023

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Weller Public Library Director Sarah Roberts shared items and actvities from the Mammal Burke Box with Waitsburg students.

WAITISBURG - The Weller Public Library offered patons and Waitsburg students an interactive experience on mammals using a Burke box from October 11 through 25. The Burke Museum provides the boxes which include museum-quality objects, artifacts, and activities covering culture, earth science, and life science topics.

Library staff took the Mammal Burke Box to all the classes at the Waitsburg elementary school and several at the high school and middle school. The library will continue hosting temporary exhibits from this program, including rocks and minerals in November, birds in January, and Lewis & Clark in February.

The Mammal Burke Box included some of the following items:

Polar Bear Fur

Wolf Fur - summer & winter coat

Coyote Fur

Red Panda Fur

Cottontail Rabbit aFur

Harbor Seal Fur

Beaver Fur

North American Porcupine Quills

Mink Fur

Mountain Goat Wool

Black Bear Skull

Harbor Seal Skull

Coyote Skull

Beaver Skull

Snowshoe Hare Skull

Bobcat Skull

Pronghorn Horn

Raccoon Skull

Spotted Skunk Skull

Muskrat Skull

Pine Chipmunk Skull

Townsend's Mole Skull

Cougar Skull

The fees for the Burke Boxes are donated by Friends of the Library.


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