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October 26, 2023

Dear Editor,

I wholeheartedly support Christy House’s candidacy for the Waitsburg School Board. Christy’s intimate knowledge of the Waitsburg community and the unique culture of the Waitsburg School District, combined with her experience as the parent of two WHS alums and as a current board member, make her an outstanding choice for this essential role.

Christy’s connection to the Waitsburg community runs deep. As a parent and board member, she has witnessed the successes and challenges of our local school system over the years. Her commitment to the district’s success is unwavering, and her investment in its future is palpable. She truly comprehends the dreams and aspirations of both parents and students, making her a staunch advocate for our community.

She has firsthand knowledge of the current state of our schools, the educational needs of today’s students, and the concerns of today’s parents. This invaluable insight positions her to make informed decisions that will directly impact our children’s lives.

Christy’s experience on the school board speaks volumes about her dedication and reliability. Her involvement in community events, support for school programs, and tireless advocacy for the interests of students and parents showcase her commitment to our education system. She understands the district’s challenges and has proved a knowledgeable and reliable asset to the board.

In these challenging times, we need leaders who can navigate the ever-changing landscape of education while preserving our community’s unique character. Christy House embodies the experience, expertise, and understanding to make well-informed decisions that will benefit our students and our community. Her vision for the Waitsburg School District aligns with our aspirations for excellence, inclusivity, and continuous improvement.

As we approach the upcoming election for the Waitsburg School Board, I strongly urge my fellow community members to stand behind Christy House. Her deep knowledge of our community and the school district’s culture, her unique perspective as a parent of alums, and her history of service on the school board make her the ideal candidate to lead our schools toward an even brighter future.


Beka Compton,

Waitsburg, Wash.


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