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Vote NO on Prop 2

Letter to the Editor,

I am concerned about the current situation with our library. It makes no sense to me that anyone would want to close such a valuable resource in our county. When the first petition to close the library showed up at the Senior Center, I read it ( as I was taught to read anything before I sign) and was immediately incensed that this was in the works! Then, I read some of the letters to the editor in the Chronicle. This motivated me to go do my own research. I do not listen to gossip and hearsay. My quest is to seek the truth then make my own opinion.

I visited the library basement to see just where the books in question were stored. The Young Adult/College Age section was as far from the young children section as possible in that room. I checked out “What’s the T” and read it stem to stern. This is not a section I would normally visit. I then thought- just what is the big deal here! As an elder and retired R.N., I could see nothing wrong with this information.

It is a parent’s responsibility to know what your child is reading. Gossip, misinformation, and stretching the truth to a lie is counterproductive. Please save our library and its many valuable services. Vote NO to the dissolution of the Columbia County Rural Library District.

Betty Keller

Dayton, Wash.


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