By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Columbia County's library fight continues to get state and national media attention


August 17, 2023

The Times

A screenshot from the KEPR interview with Ruffcorn in front of the library. The reporter described "Jessica Ruffcorn, a self-proclaimed spokesperson of the Dayton community, who is spearheading the campaign to see the library shut down and dissolved."

DAYTON-The group, represented by Dayton resident Jessica Ruffcorn, continues to garner attention from national print and televised media over efforts to dissolve the Columbia County Rural Library.

The Seattle Times is the most recent newspaper outside of Columbia or Walla Walla Counties to publish an article about the potential of Dayton's public library becoming the first in the country to be closed due to collection content.

The article is available at

Allen Leister, a reporter from CBS affiliate station KEPR in Pasco Wash., came to the library and interviewed Director Ellen Brigham and petition sponsor Jessica Ruffcorn.

Leister quoted Brigham, who said, "So we can't just sit back and say, 'Well, everybody understands what the library does, everybody will obviously vote for the library,' we need to be proactive. We need to work with organizations to get the message out and let people understand how much they will be losing if they get rid of the library because this community deserves a library and all the services that we provide." 

The video and print versions of the story are available on the KEPR website at


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