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Learn about the library, make your own opinion

Dear Editor,

Regarding efforts to defund the library, I question if the real reason is that “they” think the library has more reserves than needed, therefore, no more tax money should go to fund it?

If that is the reason, then, in my opinion, the library board and the public should request a meeting with County Treasurer Carla Rowe. Have a conversation about expense versus income. Perhaps the portion of the property tax the library receives might be lowered, reducing reserves. I don’t know, but if I had a concern in that area, I’d ask questions to help me understand the bigger picture.

My reserves may seem high to some, and maybe not high enough to others.

If the concern is about books in question, ‘they” can choose not to use the library. It just seems simple to me. Trust me—children can find out what they are curious about with Google or explore on their own.

No one makes anyone go to the library. If parents are concerned, then don’t allow your children to go. In my opinion “they” don’t have the right to decide for everyone. If a movie is rated R, and that offends you, or you don’t want your children to see it, then DON’T GO! If Playboy is on the stand for purchase, and that offends you, DON’T BUY IT. In my opinion, no one has the right to decide for others. That is disrespectful.

Being a grandparent, I’m more concerned with the games kids play, showing characters getting shot, blood and all. Then, of course, in the next game the character is back. I wonder if some of the shooters in these mass killings think it’s all a game, not seeing the complete picture of the damage and grief it causes.

Last, but not least, I encourage everyone to take a few minutes, take a tour of the library, have a conversation with Todd, and not allow “them” to make “their” opinion, yours.


Teeny McMunn



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