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To the editor,

I love stories about faraway places like Tri-cities, for example. Wenatchee is a faraway exotic paradise as I understand it; further north is the untamed Okanogan River Valley with its small wild west settlements. I’m sure others venture further and could regale me with tales of bright lights, big cities, or tales from the heart of the people encountered.

I have heard that’s the most important thing, the people encountered along this journey we take. They are the important part, with their differences or similarities. We find our families mixed in amongst them. Sometimes we meet strangers who become part of our extended family. Sometimes we scratch our heads in disbelief. Sometimes we stare in sheer amazement. Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry with them. But the truth we discover is that we are all human, regardless of our beliefs, identities, orientations, ancestry, race, or any other labels imaginable. What a wonderful opportunity to spread love and kindness across this land and around the world. Share peace!


Regina Weldert

Dayton, Wash.


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