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February 16, 2023

This letter is to let you know how much I enjoy your local writers. Brad Trumbo’s “ Palouse Outdoors: The Final Day” in the February 2nd issue was so evocative of season and place that although I have absolutely no interest in hunting, I wished I were there in the “crisp bluebird morning” among the golden wheat straw and prickly wild roses. Popo Ott’s vignettes offer really unusual and interesting mini-adventures. Luke Chavez’s recipes look delicious, but I confess to not having made one yet. And last but not least, Vicki Sternfeld-Rossi is so refreshing with her mix of humor, honesty and brilliant descriptions of everything from her garden to her travels to her dog to her scattered thoughts. 

Thank you for a delightful read every week.

Virginia Donohue

Eugene, Ore.


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