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Vote for Positive Change

To the Editor:

I urge you to vote for Jack Miller for Columbia County Commissioner and Jeff Jenkins for County Sheriff. These two men will work well together to reunite the community and lead with integrity.  Jack Miller has the experience and knowledge to help lead this County using sound economic wisdom.  Jeff Jenkins promises to use his law enforcement experience to protect the community with integrity and transparency.

The current administration has led us toward more radical and adversarial tactics and has divided the community on many issues. Both Miller and Jenkins show commitment to reuniting the community while keeping it safe and vital. The incumbents, associated with the Columbia County Conservatives, seem to thrive on disrupting programs and polarizing the community. Please support the change. 

Please vote YES for the Park District. A park district will allow us to apply for grant funds for a swimming pool. The following people who are running for a board position truly have community interests in mind. They have been working to make the pool a reality. Vote for: Dianne McKinley, Lisa Naylor, Dave Schreck or Ted Lowe, Carol Anderson, and Marjorie Lowe. 

Help make Dayton a nice place to live again.  

Thank you.

Anne Strode

Dayton, Wash.


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