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A family thankful for BMS and Co-op market


To the editor:

Right here in our beautiful town of Dayton we have what I would consider a blessing: The Blue Mountain Station. Now you may be thinking…the building? And the answer is yes and no. Within this new and attractive building is the BMS Co-Op Market. In the market is a variety of local organic produce, specialty health foods, and locally made artisan products.

To keep a long story short, I am the mother of three beautiful little girls and the youngest was born with life threatening food allergies. All grains, nuts, and egg are a hard no to her little system so I had to teach myself a different way of cooking and baking to keep her safe. Low and behold there is now dried pasta made from red lentils, and chickpeas. There are different “flours” out there like coconut flour, chickpea flour, quinoa flour, and the list grows. Baking exists around flour and eggs and so discovering an egg substitute was essential and that happens to be ground flax for us. All of these items have been essential in our household to keep a sense of normalcy around food for our little girl.

My family and I would like to give a huge thanks to the people who make the artisan food store a possibility. Shopping and buying local is important to us and to the town. When we buy local we of course help the business. This business is helping keep my baby safe and healthy.

Elise Severe

Dayton, Wash.


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