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Chicken Bills is back at TVGC

Bill and Teresa Ayotte have brought the beloved cafe back to Dayton


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Bill and Teresa Ayotte in 2018 at the first Chicken Bills. Welcome Back!

Bill and Teresa Ayotte have brought the beloved cafe back to Dayton

DAYTON-After more than a year, Dayton-area golfers and foodies alike can finally enjoy their favorite Chicken Bill burger, breakfast, or chicken fried steak once again.

Returning to the Touchet Valley Golf Course after taking a pandemic-year off, Chicken Bill's Cafe had its soft opening on March 31, and owners Bill and Teresa Ayotte have been busy ever since.

"It's been so busy!" Ayotte said. "So many familiar faces are back."

During their time off, the Ayotte's added a few new menu items, including bison burgers, chicken wings, and the famous Carolyn's Cafe cinnamon rolls.

Fan favorites are also back on the menu. Chicken fried steak, which seems to be the most popular dish amongst die-hard Chicken Bill fans, is making a regular appearance. Sizzling breakfast items, including the thick and juicy sausage links, premium bacon, and sweet cream hotcakes, will be on the menu.

"I had wanted to add bison to the menu before, but the way it is marketed in our business, it's in frozen patties," said Bill.

Wanting the best, he explained how he found the bison burger for their menu, "I know the Seneys, and when I saw Byron at the Chamber dinner, I mentioned to him that I wanted to buy some bison."

The next morning, Van Seney, who owns Eckler Mountain Bison, was at the cafe, ready to make a business deal. Their bison are raised and processed locally, allowing Ayotte to buy freshly ground meat that they shape and season for burger patties at the café.

"It's not coming from Wyoming or somewhere like that," he said. "We try and buy local as much as possible."

Chicken Bills offers catering and take-out, as well. Ayotte explained that he prefers to do on-site catering because the facilities at the golf course are so versatile, and you can't beat the view. However, off-site catering is an option, and interested parties should contact the cafe for further information.

Did I mention that he smokes his brisket, chicken, and pork?

The cafe is without a deep fryer, so there are no French fries. They more than make up for it with fresh house-made salads. Teresa's coleslaw, Madi's potato salad, Maeci's macaroni, and Mac's smoked bbq beans are all available, made fresh each day. The pride radiating from Ayotte made it clear that Teresa's coleslaw is a must-try!

"We have a great staff," Ayotte said of his wait staff and kitchen staff, Tracey Heeter, Sandy Smoot, and Danette Burnett. "They are all very experienced."

Chicken Bills is open seven days a week, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Green fees and other golf-course-related needs can be handled in the cafe, with the Pro Shop, snack shop, and to-go drinks available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.


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