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An update from Olha in Ukraine


March 17, 2022

Kyiv, Ukraine—Over the past week, reports of Russian attacks throughout Ukraine have flooded the international media.

Olha Oltarzhavska, the young Ukrainian woman who reached out to The Times to share her story, reported that the last week had been quiet in Kyiv. She and her family have been living in the basement of their home for more than two weeks now. Neighbors gave the family access to their homes for extra food and supplies before leaving the area. This means her family and neighbors taking shelter in their makeshift shelter are still well-stocked for canned and preserved goods.

Pet supplies, such as hay, pet food, litter, fresh produce, and dairy products, are getting very hard to come by.

Olha wrote that she has heard that Russian forces are encircling the city and cutting off resources.

She worries about one of her favorite places, the local zoo in Kyiv. The zoo is home to nearly 500 animals and has been cut off from aid after roads were bombed.

“The road there has been destroyed,” Ohla shared. “I like animals a lot, and if I could just send money, that would be nice. But they specifically need food to be brought there, and this is now impossible.”

She said that she has heard that within the next few weeks, the situation in Ukraine will be decided, and she hopes for the best outcome.


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