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October 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

I have long been a proponent of “We can do together what I cannot do alone.” These words harken back to the days gone by when peoples banded together to form business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Granges that dotted the rural landscapes of the United States. Today we have a pivotal election in the next week. I support Boe Stevenson, Fred Crowe, Teeny McMunn, and write-in candidate Vickie Zoller for Dayton City Council. I have known these folks since I came to Dayton several years ago. They have shown the type of community spirit that equates with “We together.” Many of these people I have become acquainted with through the various boards of directors that I have had the privilege of sitting on. The others I have met while they were volunteering at one function or another around town.

Shawn Brown believes in small businesses. He was a customer of mine for many years at my coffee shop. I still see him frequenting other small businesses around town. I know Shawn will have the interest of small businesses like mine at heart if he is elected to the position of Port Commissioner.

I would also like to endorse Jack Miller for Port Commissioner. I don’t really know Jack, but from what I have read, and I have heard, Jack is a man of his word. He speaks his mind honestly and with integrity.

This is a time when we need to pull together as a community, unity I believe it is called. We need elected officials at the local level who look to a future of unification of peoples, purposeful controlled growth that supports small businesses to keep our town as a viable home to families that don’t necessarily depend on Walla Walla for their shopping needs. People who see our downtown area as a viable attraction as opposed to a ghost town. People who see the Blue Mountain Station as the small business incubator that it was designed to be and manufacturing businesses that exist there as the employers and taxpayers that they are. Let’s elect officials who have a vision of tomorrow that is a positive outlook. Please join with me in voting for these candidates.


Regina Weldert

Dayton, Wash.


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