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October 28, 2021

To the editor,

In regards to the article (Port of Columbia candidate cuts ties with local conservative group, October 7, 2021) in the Waitsburg Times. While it has been sad to see the death of journalism at the national and state level for some time, it is sad to see it dying at the local level as well. According to my recollection, a more accurate account of events at the meeting, Mr. Miller mentions to me, and should include, his threats to use firearms against Covid infected individuals, something with which we disagree.

While your paper’s characterization of the Columbia County Conservatives as a “anti-Vax and anti-mask group” follows national narratives of conservatives as the cause for the current pandemic, nowhere on the website of the Columbia County Conservatives and nowhere other than your article is this a statement of fact. I could understand your confusion if we held closed meetings, but your absence of attendance to the Columbia County meetings, reluctance to learn, and seek out the truth is entirely on your own shoulders. 

Mr. Miller’s taking issue with another candidate’s viewpoint other than his own is to be expected. His hostile comments of a group and what appears to be verbal threats of violence based on his disagreement with them is not.

In the future we hope that Mr. Miller and local media will avoid mischaracterizing those with whom they disagree.

Nick De Paulo

Dayton, Wash.


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