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October 28, 2021

As a former small business owner in Dayton, I am writing to express my earnest support for the Positively Dayton slate of candidates. When I set up shop in Dayton about 16 years ago, I did so, inspired by our civic leaders’ can-do, positive outlook in Dayton. Now, I see dark storm clouds of negativity, suppression of economy-boosting efforts, and opposition to innovation in our community. I, and others like me who care about our town, must support candidates who will continue to move our hometown forward.

Once again, I urge you also to support the Positively Dayton slate of candidates, who are: Boe Stephenson (City Council Position 1), Fred Crowe (City Council Position 7), Teeny McMunn (City Council Position 3), Shawn Brown (Port Commissioner Position 1), Jack Miller (Port Commissioner Position 3), and Vickie Zoeller (City Council Position 5 write-in).

Thank you.

Roger J. Tumbocon

Dayton, Wash.


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