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Dayton City Council meeting update


October 21, 2021

Michele Smith

Chief Deputy Cesar Rivera

DAYTON - A regular meeting of the City Council was held using Zoom at 6 PM, October 13, 2021.

During public comment, Sheriff Joe Helm announced that he had appointed Deputy Cesar Rivera as Chief Deputy. The Sheriff also stated that the department was preparing for the opening of deer hunting season and the influx of visitors which that entails. He also mentioned that the increased patrolling of Main Street for traffic violations would continue.

The City Council approved the minutes from the September 8 and October 7 meetings. The voucher warrants and payroll voucher warrants were also approved.

The Council had three items for consideration or action on the evening's agenda. The first item was a presentation by Diane McKinley about the Dayton Food Bank. The presentation was withdrawn after a scheduling conflict prevented Ms. McKinley from attending the Zoom meeting.

Next, the council discussed a proposal to place a stone memorial bench at the City Cemetery. The memorial bench, to be purchased by the Riggs family, will serve in lieu of the plot's headstones, with the deceased's epitaphs engraved on the backrest. The Council could not recall similar structures existing in the cemetery but had no objection to the plan. The City Council voted to approve the installation of the memorial bench.

Finally, the Council approved the appointment of Van Whysong to the Historic Preservation Committee. The City Council passed the resolution by a unanimous voice vote, and the meeting adjourned at about 6:30 pm. The next City Council meeting is scheduled at 6 pm, November 10, 2021. The meeting will be held on Zoom only.


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