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In support of Hockersmith for mayor


October 21, 2021

When we opened Ten Ton Coffee three and a half years ago, Luke and I made a point to stay out of politics both local and otherwise, so that our space felt comfortable and open to everyone in our community. We still believe in that philosophy, but I am going to break it just a bit to endorse Kate Hockersmith for mayor. Hear me out. I am basing this decision not on politics or anything personal about our current mayor. Anyone willing to do public service deserves a lot of respect, in my book. The reason I am advocating for Kate is simply because she puts in the work to make personal connections with everybody in town. When we opened, she made every effort to ask us if we needed help, gave us tips to get acquainted with the community, and helped our business grow by welcoming newcomers into our space via bluegrass kid’s classes and jam nights. In my experience with Kate, that warmth and outreach extend to everyone in town. As our community welcomes new businesses to Main Street and a boom of new residents, I want to see a mayor that takes the job beyond its official duties and gives Waitsburg a welcome face that extends her kindness to folks of all persuasions, new and old, red and blue, farmer or commuter. She has my vote.

John Avery

Waitsburg, Wash.


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