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Candidate Dream team


October 14, 2021

To the voters of Waitsburg,

Here is the dream team I’d like to see on the Waitsburg city council: Kate Hockersmith for Mayor; Karen Stanton-Gregutt, Jim Romine, and Jillian Henze to continue as council members; Randy Charles for the newly opened position #3. They have my support because they have demonstrated through their work in the community that each of them has a hands-on commitment to our town. Each has shown up when needed, whether it is for the planning commission, flood relief, fire and emergency services, RYES.

During the nine years I’ve lived in Waitsburg, I’ve seen how fragile our business community is, and now that we have some new investment in the town, I feel it is important to have a city council and a mayor who will welcome and support these new ventures. These candidates have already shown their willingness to engage with new businesses as they have already done with our existing businesses.

I may not always agree with each of them on every issue, nor do I expect them to always agree with each other. Still, I think these candidates make a strong team representing a good cross-section of Waitsburg, and I’m confident that they will continue to do their best for our town.


Gail Gwinn

Waitsburg, Wash.


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