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To the Editor,

The ballots will soon be arriving for the local general election. Voters have 2 very different groups of candidates to select from.

One group, the Columbia County Conservatives, is against a long list of projects and proposals. As a group, the members can be described as angry, aggressive towards their own local government, and disruptive to the process of decision-making. As described in an article in The Waitsburg Times, Jack Miller divorced himself from the group when he was verbally attacked in one of their meetings. One of the CCC group, who is running for the Dayton School Board, disrupted a school board meeting by refusing to wear a mask or leave the room. The school board had to end the meeting; what is she going to do if she is elected to the school board? The Port, the City Council, and the School Board are in for a hostile, disruptive, divisive, and negative period if the Columbia County Conservatives candidates are elected. I ask you to vote AGAINST them.

The Positively Dayton candidates are a group of people who do not have an ideology to promote. Many have previous local office experience; the group as a whole has given a lot of volunteer time and energy to our local community, including The Club, the Liberty Theater, the Dayton Historic Depot, Kiwanis club, and their local churches. This group of candidates cares about our community, is willing to work with others for a better future, knows how to contribute to positive outcomes, and accepts responsibility to build projects and proposals. The Positively Dayton candidates include Shawn Brown and Jack Miller, Port Commissioners; Boe Stevenson and Teeny McMunn and Fred Crowe and Vicki Zoller, City Council. They will work FOR our community. Please vote FOR them.

Cathy Lee-Haight,

Dayton, Wash.


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