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Fred Crowe Best Qualified to Serve City Council Position #7

I am supporting Fred Crowe for City of Dayton Council, Position #7. Dayton is my hometown, and I care deeply about the future of this community. I believe Fred is the candidate best qualified to serve on the council in position #7.

I have known Fred and his wife, Genie, since they moved to Dayton about 11 years ago. They chose to move here because as Fred says, Dayton is a “small, rural town with a lot going for it.” Fred is running for city council because he wants to help our town “function highly and flourish”, and he has the background which will enable him to carry this out. Having grown up in a small farming town, earning degrees in biology and plant pathology, and owning and operating a garlic seed business, Fred has a solid understanding of farming communities such as ours. His business experience will be helpful when dealing with budgets and operations. During his career as a professor of plant pathology, Fred wrote and managed many private, state, and federal grants. This expertise will likely help with finding and securing funding sources for needed city infrastructure projects.

Fred has been actively involved in the community since moving to Dayton. He has served as a Touchet Valley Arts Council board member and volunteered at The Club and at various community events as a member of Kiwanis. Fred previously served as a commissioner of the Port of Columbia. He was appointed in March to Dayton’s City Council, so already has been involved in city government and is aware of the time commitment and dedication it takes to fulfill the duties of this elected position.

Most importantly, Fred understands that a city council position is nonpartisan. He recognizes that he serves ALL of the citizens of Dayton, not just one group with a particular political ideology. He will listen and give thoughtful consideration to all citizens’ concerns as he works cooperatively with other council members. Fred will make informed decisions that will move our community forward.

Please join me in voting for Fred Crowe, City of Dayton Council, Position #7.

Kris Takemura

Dayton, Wash.


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