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August 26, 2021

Letter to the Editor

I was present at last Thursday’s school board meeting. As anticipated, there were some there who voiced strong opposition the governor’s mask mandate. The view was expressed that the Waitsburg School Board should vote to defy the mandate.

There was rationale given. Unfortunately, though, some were vehement in their demands and seemed to have difficulty considering any perspective but their own.

When the time set for public comments was over the board made an attempt to discuss the matter among themselves. This discussion was repeatedly interrupted.

One could have left the meeting with the impression that the overwhelming community sentiment is in defiance of the mandate. I believe that conclusion would be premature. After the meeting I spoke to one parent, who had remained silent during the comment period. She told me simply that she just wanted her child to be in school.

We can discuss these issues with conviction. They are worthy of that, but I hope that we will remain civil, no matter which side we find ourselves on. To that end, some who spoke on Thursday, could have done better.

Stan Hughes



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