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Time to reinvest in local commentary


Some may have read this article in the June 13th issue of the Union-Bulletin: Local newspapers can help reduce polarization with opinion pages that focus on local issues. It was written by Matthew P. Hitt of Colorado State University. He states, “We are scholars who study politics and the media. We have found that local newspapers-and local opinion journalism in particular- can bridge political divisions and attract more readers.” The local paper can facilitate a vibrant community forum. “…no more national politics?” he asks. “…getting rid of national politics on the opinion page and reinvesting in local opinion content can help newspapers attract readers and cool tensions in their community.” The article goes on to give supporting evidence of this.

We can be genuinely thankful for the Times, for our publisher and editor, and all who work to keep us informed on all things local. Each week they are reminding us who we are as one community.

Waitsburg, we share so much in common. And yes, we have our differences, too. Here’s the good news. We are all invited to participate in the conversation.

Stan Hughes

Waitsburg, Wash.


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