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Call for transparency


February 4, 2021

Dear Editor,

The decision to fire Walla Walla Columbia County Dist. 2 Fire Chief, Michael Moynihan, should be rescinded immediately. It was made secretly in executive session at the Fire Commissioners' most recent board meeting.

This amounts to character assassination despite the fact that section 5 in Moynihan’s contract states that termination can take place at will, without cause for any reason, and without available grievance procedures. Even he has no explanation as to why he was dismissed. Moynihan knows his position as a Chief and how to manage the safety of his volunteers who fight the fires, and to give the best direction to control a fire, save lives, and prevent a disaster. It’s a superior stance to “We’ve always done it this way.”

A lack of transparency is apparent. These Commissioners need to work for reconciliation, build trust, and support respect for a joint fire fighting district that incorporates Columbia County and northern Walla Walla County. The concern should be for our safety and protection and not for the pride of a group of men believing they know best how to run things.


Phillip & Jeanette Monfort


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