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By Vicki Sternfeld-Rossi
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Goodbye 2020 and good riddance!!


December 24, 2020

I assume I’m not the only one ready to bid good riddance to 2020, am I? Ever the optimist, I am cautiously hopeful that 2021 will be a good or at least better year. And since it was an unusual year, I am going to do something unusual for me. I am going to be reflective for a change. Although maybe it’s just a way to reinforce 2020 is over!

Daniel and I reconciled, then he moved here in March. This adjustment to my 10-year single life coincided with the pandemic and lock-down. Togetherness suddenly had a whole new meaning. I AM glad he’s here for many reasons. He is handy, he’s renovated, built things, fixed the house, and he cooks. I’ve adjusted to his growling and cursing; he’s still adjusting to the fact that old houses have their quirks. This spring, he built a slew of planters scavenging every bit of scrap wood, old kitchen cabinets, and used kitchen drawers available from our kitchen renovation.

That led us to an amazing discovery! We can grow things! We had a prolific garden, with vegetables, herbs in abundance that we could share with friends and neighbors! Who knew two city slickers could actually grow a garden?

Our king-size bed was a welcome addition in 2020. It was a revelation. I am embarrassed to admit I am the culprit that made a larger bed necessary. Daniel usually sleeps on his back in a straight line; he may turn right or left but stays in straight alignment. On the other hand, I sleep in a big X, taking up about three-fourths of the entire bed. Mugsy copes by moving from spot to spot as I turn and move my X around in the bed.

A proverb known as Parkinson’s Law states, “that people usually take all the time allotted (and frequently more) to accomplish any task.” For me, that translates to “my X will increase to fit any space. So, bigger is better, and we all sleep a little sounder.

I am only glad that with Daniel as my personal chef during the shelter at home order, with the gym and Y closed, and all the free shipping from wineries, I haven’t gained 50 pounds or become an alcoholic. The year isn’t over. However, there are no big bashes to attend or big family gatherings that turn into eat-a-thons, so there isn’t much chance of debauchery or drunkenness (at least visible to others).

It’s been a year of learning as well. I have learned how to have Zoom meetings with clients and family, but even better, my friends here and in Los Angeles have discovered Zoom cocktail parties! I also use the Houseparty app to connect with my sister. I see her and her husband more often than when I lived in LA. Just click on the app, avoid the freeway traffic, and PJ’s are acceptable.

I have also re-discovered the art of procrastination. Last April, I vowed to do a clean out of my closet to clear out clothes, linens, and old towels. Not accomplished! I thought it would be a good time to do some interior painting. Not done. But a new skill I did develop, speed ordering on Amazon.

Thank you 2020, for my fashionable collection of masks and the money saved not buying lipstick, the ability to cut a coffee filter with precision to insert in a mask, learning to flip my mask on and off with style (if I don’t drop it first), and, I’ve adjusted to foggy glasses while wearing my mask. The upside being, the fog softens my wrinkles when I look in the mirror.


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