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Third Grade -Tabitha Jaden -Riddles


December 17, 2020

First Row: Cason Scott, Madyson Potter, Braxton Bly, Autumn Shelton, Hayden Gascon, Ollivyr Dahlby Second Row: Maeci Strickland, Sidian Stegall, Nolan Smith, Mitchell Hays, Arrow Groom Third Row: Kaitlyn Paul, Laila Long, Emily Knudson, Audery Kiefel, Holley Jensen, Lillian Carpenter

I am green and I am mean.

I am never happy, and I do not like Christmas.

Who am I?

By: Nolan Smith

I have flavor.

You can break me.

You can decorate me.

What am I?

By: Kaitlyn Paul

I am bright.

I go on trees.

I am found in the sky at night.

What am I?

By: Laila Long

I live on rails.

I make a sound like "Toot-toot!"

You use tickets to ride me.

What am I?

By: Lillian Carpenter

I live up in the sky.

I shine.

You might see me on your tree.

What am I?

By: Madyson Potter

I fly in the sky.

I jingle at night.

"Ho, ho, ho!"

Who am I?

By: Maeci Strickland

I am used for snow.

I am made of wood.

I am fun.

What am I?

By: Ollivyr Dahlby

A lot of people drink me when they are cold from the snow.

I am hot, sweet, dark, and delicious.

Oh, a treat I can be.

Some people like me with marshmallows, candy canes, and whipped cream.

What am I?

By: Autumn Shelton

We work all day.

We come to your house.

We are tiny.

Who are we?

By: Audrey Kiefel

I am brown.

I am flat.

I am made of sugar.

Who am I?

By: Mitchell Hays

I am big, red, and jolly.

I have a white something on my face.

I work with small people.

Who am I?

By: Braxton Bly

I have a red suit.

I come only one night.

I ride a sleigh with 8 reindeer.

Who am I?

By: Arrow Groom

I am made of snow.

I am in a song.

I am in a movie.

Who am I?

By: Carson Scott.

I'm white.

I'm an animal.

I live outside.

What am I?

By: Holley Jensen

I am something you can eat.

I am brown.

I am shaped like a man.

Who am I?

By: Hayden Gascon


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