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To the Class of 2020


Congratulations, graduates of Waitsburg High School. What a ride it has been this school year, especially these last few months. There are not a lot of classes that can say that they lived through a flood and a pandemic in the same school year!

So, what is next? As you contemplate your plans post high school, I offer you a couple of things to think about.

Whatever you have planned for next fall, as best as you are able to, keep those plans. Whether its college, military service, apprenticeship programs or other form of post high school education, know that just 2 months ago all educational institutions, as well as the military have all had to make adjustments to their operation to put safety as their number one priority. Everyone has been working hard to figure out how to safely start and reinvent what your experiences will look like as you move forward.

If you think that you would like to take a gap year, please keep in mind the following (yes, I am going there!). Whatever you think you want to do during your gap year just remember that the opportunities for travel or for work may be limited. So really think that through before committing to anything.

Whatever you choose to do, do so with confidence, pride, and with a little attitude! We could not be more proud of what you have accomplished during your time here in Waitsburg. Your families and your community are tremendously proud of you. We are very excited for all of you as a new chapter begins. We cannot wait to see what great things you will accomplish!

Over the course of this year, I have observed some incredible moments;

• Our morning greetings as you went to and from the cafeteria with your breakfast.

• The compassion and patience you showed the elementary students whenever I witnessed your interactions with them.

• The pride I felt during the flood when you showed leadership, grit, and dedication to your community by sandbagging the levies and around homes to protect them from damage.

• The never-give-up attitude on the sports field. You showed an undeniable spirit of competitiveness while showing respect for your opponents (remember the Liberty Christian basketball game at home 50-49 buzzer beater- awesome!)

I would like to end with this. If you are lucky enough to find a career/job that you love going to everyday, you will never have to work a day in your life. That is my wish for all of you. Chase after your dreams with passion and gusto and find that thing that you love to do. If you can do that, you will never have to work a day in your life.

Wishing you all the best.


Mr. Pickel


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