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Logan Bartlett earns College Place Fire Department's Rookie of the Year award

Waitsburg man fell in love with the field and changed his career path


April 30, 2020

Courtesy photo

Logan Bartlett, left, and other College Place Firefighters during the Portland Stair Climb. The 40 flight climb is a benefit event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

COLLEGE PLACE-Career plans have a way of changing quickly, and for one local firefighter, his career plan took a rewarding turn from engineering to firefighting. In 2019, Logan Bartlett joined the College Place Fire Department as a volunteer with no training. By the end of the year, his dedication and commitment earned him the Rookie Firefighter of the Year award.

Logan, who attended Waitsburg High School before transferring to Walla Walla Community College his junior year, said he had no plans on becoming a firefighter, but it was a field that he always admired.

"I have a friend in the fire service. He is actually one of my shift leads and by far one of the best firefighters I've ever met," Logan said. "He said, 'look, I know you've been interested, we need volunteers. Why don't you come down, have an interview, take a pack test, see what you can do and get your foot in the door.' And from there, I did."

Logan said after completing the interview process and hiring on as a volunteer firefighter, he found an unexpected love for firefighting and all that goes along with it.

Logan had no prior experience and learned everything on the job. The first year of his firefighting training focused on fundamental skills, like forcible entry, all the way to advanced attacks and special planning operations.

He explained that the City of College Place does both fire suppression services and emergency medical response. Logan said that the majority of calls he goes out on are medical-related.

"Being able to be there and helping people, whether they are having a bad day or a genuine medical emergency, anything large or small. Getting to help people, it really clicked with me," Logan said.

There are a few awards given at the end of the year within the College Place Fire Department, the awards are given to firefighters and EMTs who go above and beyond, demonstrating exceptional skill and drive.

"I don't want this award to make me seem like some hot shot. There are very exceptional folks in the department that are more than deserving of any award. They all really work their keister's off and they are just a very fine group of folks," Logan said in reference to his fellow firefighters, both in the department and throughout Walla Walla County.

In addition to his firefighting training, Logan said he just finished all of his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training. Unfortunately, he is unable to take the EMT test at this time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. EMTs are required to be licensed before they are able to practice in the field in Washington State.

"Life goes on. I'll get my test done as soon as I can," Logan said.

He encourages anyone interested to get in contact with a fire department to get involved. From the camaraderie, friendships, and rewarding actions, Logan said joining the College Place Fire Department has changed his life for the better.


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