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By Teeny McMunn
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10 Recipes that defined the decade


January 9, 2020

MY NOTES: I thought this was interesting. It was copied and pasted from, in a slide-show that came to my inbox. It was written by Mary Claire Lagroue. Recipes mentioned can be found on

2010 Beer Can Chicken-It’s the dawn of the decade. Apple has unveiled the iPad. Time Magazine has named Mark Zuckerberg person of the year. We listen to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok a bit too much. And it seems we’re “getting crunk” in the kitchen, too, because we’re stuffing whole chickens with beer cans. Home cooks flocked to Beer Can Chicken, a recipe that uses this vertical technique for barbecuing ultra flavorful, moist chicken.—2010

2011 Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce- Adele’s career takes off. Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot. Across the pond, Americans find love in the form of Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce, and not just on wings. We’re slathering this hot, acidic sauce on sandwiches, salads, dips, pizza, cauliflower, and more.

2012 Zesty Quinoa Salad- Welcome to 2012. Gangnam Style goes viral. The Twilight series ends as The Hunger Games franchise begins. We’re divided over Obama vs. Romney and Peeta vs. Gale (see Hunger Games), but we all agree on quinoa. Our light, citrusy Zesty Quinoa Salad happens to be vegan, but omnivores rave about it, too.

2013 Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers- Before we know it, 2013 has arrived. President Obama’s second term begins. Pope Francis gets appointed. Prince George is born. As for the masses? We’ve rallied around Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, filled with cream cheese and stuffed cheddar.

2014 Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork- Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie and the Ice Bucket Challenge take over the Internet. Frozen’s Let It Go takes over our minds. (It’s still in your head, isn’t it?) Pulled pork takes over our kitchens. Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork becomes a go-to for potlucks, make-ahead dinners, and sandwiches.

2015 Easy Garlic Kale-We’re halfway through the 2010s, and The Dress soon becomes the debate of the decade. (Blue and black? White and gold? HOW?) Star Wars returns to the big screens, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. We are sure, however, that we need to eat more kale. Easy Garlic Kale calls for just three ingredients, but it’s simple and flavorful enough to convert the skeptics.

2016 Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocado- It’s 2016. Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar. Hamilton wins a Tony. Donald Trump wins the presidential election. Avocados win 2016. That’s because avocados aren’t just for toast anymore. Avocados become the toast. We’re filling our favorite green fruit with eggs, tuna, and chicken, like Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocados. Bread, who?

2017 Beef Stroganoff for Instant Pot-Between President Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March, and the #MeToo Movement, 2016 had its share of big news stories. But the Instant Pot grabbed our attention through it all. We couldn’t get enough of one-dish dinners, like Beef Stroganoff for Instant Pot.

2018 90-Second Keto Bread in a Mug- It’s 2018, and we have a lot of questions. Like, is it Yanny or Laurel? Why is IHOP becoming IHOb? How are people eating Tide PODS? (We still have questions...) And does this 90-Second Keto Bread in a Mug actually work? The answer to this last one is simple. Yes, it works quite well.

2019 Air Fryer Frittata- Welcome to 2019. We’re on the cusp of a new decade, but the 2010s won’t end without a bang. A telescope captures an image of a black hole for the first time ever. Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire. James Holzhauer dominates Jeopardy with record winnings. White Claw sets the tone for summer. People plan to raid Area 51. (It’s anti-climatic.) Much more exciting: The fact that we’re cooking entire meals in our air fryers. Our fluffy, flavorful Air Fryer Frittata couldn’t be easier to whip up. If this is the future, we’re here for it.


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