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By Tracy Thompson
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It's finally here!

The new apple, the Cosmic Crisp, is available at the Waitsburg Grocery


December 19, 2019

Believe the hype, folks, the Cosmic Crisp, the new apple developed at Washington State University, is now available at the Waitsburg Grocery, and definitely meets the taste and texture expectations.

Breeding for the apple began at WSU's Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee, WA in 1997. Bred as a cross between the Honeycrisp and Enterprise apple, it is intended to have the texture and juiciness of the Honeycrisp, and the late-ripening behavior and long storage of the Enterprise; it more than delivers on both counts.

Taste-testers at the Times expansive new office remarked, "It's supercharged!" and "boy, they nailed it!"

Dark red in color, the apple has light lenticels (basically, bright yellow spots, related to a knot in tree bark) which reminded focus groups of a galaxy against a night sky which led to its name. It is the first widely-grown apple variety developed in Washington. And, for at least ten years, it is only available to be grown by Washington State apple growers.

Growers pay a royalty for each tree purchased and for each box of apples sold. Interest was so high the seedlings initially had to be distributed to apple farmers in a lottery held in 2014-WSU had planned to provide 300,000 saplings but were met with requests for 4 million.

Tracy Thompson

Waitsburg Grocery store was one of the first locations in the country to offer the new apple variety.

The New York Times described the apple as "dramatically dark, richly flavored and explosively crisp and juicy", making it "the most promising and important apple of the future." Food Republic called it "firmer than the Honeycrisp, but not too firm. And it is high in both sugar and acidity, making it far superior to the Red Delicious, Gala and Fuji varieties as well."

Taste testers at the Times said "It's not like your typical store-bought apple, it's above and beyond," and, "Very full-flavored, and very yummy."

Another taster said, "The only way you could improve upon it is to genetically modify it so that the skin tastes like caramel."

For sale at $2.95 a pound at the Waitsburg Grocery, run, don't walk to pick up a few to 'wow' your family.

Or, as another Times taster said, "Shut up and take my money!"


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