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Fire District #2 commissioner's meeting

Fire Chief position description approved, new gear to be purchased


December 12, 2019

In attendance: Randy Farley, Jake Long, Deb Fortner Colter Mohney, Bruce Abbey, Anne Higgins, Randy Charles

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An updated Fire Chief job description was approved and will be sent to the District’s attorney for review. The position as written is for a part-time paid position, issues such as vacation pay, and benefits are still to be determined. After the position description is reviewed by the District’s attorney, plans will be made to advertise the position in the very near term.

Preferences were stated for a candidate that lives within 10 miles of Waitsburg, but commissioners may consider a candidate who lives farther away. The challenge of where and how to advertise the position to draw capable candidates was also discussed.

Expenditures for the remainder of the fiscal year were reviewed. Purchase of additional PPEs (personal protection equipment) helmets, and flashlights were discussed.

The replacement of the District’s two cardiac monitor units was also discussed. Both units are due to expire next year. The purchase of one new unit was discussed, with a cost in the range of $30,000. Known by the brand name LIFEPAKs, they are more than just defibrillators. They constantly monitor heart rates and alert the users to sudden changes. They allow for 12-Lead EKG acquisition and interpretation. Some LIFEPAKs also include options for synchronized cardioversion (for treating unstable fast rhythms like supraventricular tachycardia or atrial fibrillation), external pacing (for post-cardiac arrest, bradycardia, and/or heart-block patients), and also monitor oxygen saturation, CO2 output for intubation, and blood pressure. They are the mainstay of any advanced life support apparatus.

Since the District does not transport individuals currently, commissioners questioned whether it would be a good use of the District’s funds to purchase a new one, as opposed to taking that money and buying more PPE, bunker gear, etc. Some commissioners felt the expense was not warranted as the device cannot be fully utilized at the current time, based on the fact a limited number of volunteers are trained in its use. An AED and a blood pressure cuff are lower-cost and easier to use options. Others advocated for purchasing a new cardiac monitoring unit as some EMTs are trained to use a 12-Lead EKG device

Pump testing was temporarily delayed as the tank used for that purpose was shut down for the winter in Walla Walla.

Fireman’s report - Some new boots, Nomex (flame proof hoods that protect one’s face) and gloves were purchased, as well as five sets of ‘turn out’ gear, which will be arriving in January.

Permission was requested to buy five helmets, and some new flashlights, which was approved.

Next month’s meeting will be held on January 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire Station.


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