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Waitsburg brings Christmas cheer


December 12, 2019

Dear Editor:

Full disclosure, while never descending to the level of a Grinch, I never could really fully celebrate the spirit of Christmas. I raised children and hopefully provided for them a Christmas-ish foundation, but personally never quite got it. That is until this weekend in Waitsburg. What a charming couple of days, from the wonderful vendors at Town Hall, to Santa at Ten Ton Coffee, to the grand finale of the parade, it had the magic I have been largely denied all of my many Christmases. At least in part it was knowing a bit about the deep enduring commitment of the many who contributed, from the endless coordination by the Commercial Club and City Hall and Ten Ton baristas and parents and children and the photographer, and a delightful Santa, and float makers and drivers and cheerful participants. And there was real talent and enthusiasm all along the way, convincing me it was the real deal. I may still be a little bit baffled by some of the other components of the holidays, and not “getting it” before is somewhat of a mystery but the good fortune of getting the experience in Waitsburg was a game changer for me.  Thank you all. Merry Christmas.

Terry Lawhead



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