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New Cow-Whisperer in Town


October 10, 2019

Rod Johnson

Hi, my name is Rod Johnson and my wife Lisa and I moved here to Waitsburg back in January. I have been told that in Waitsburg you are still new in town until the 2nd or 3rd generation. So I guess we are really new. Now I was actually born in Dayton, and while we moved away when I was an infant, we moved back when I was a teenager and I was there through my early twenties. Now I'm back and we love it here.

We have been warmly welcomed here, and I have to say that the folks around here are super friendly. I would say that I am proud to be a Waitsburgian, but I have been told that we are not Waitsburgians, but instead we should refer to ourselves as Waitsburgonians. I'm ok with that cause it kinda sounds like a Waitsburgian from Oregon, which I am. Although I was thinking that maybe we should just refer to ourselves collectively as the Burg. You know, "We are the Burg-you will be assimilated".

I do kinda feel like we are being assimilated. In the short time we have been here, we are actively serving our church; Waitsburg Christian Church. Both my wife Lisa and I play music there. We helped out at the Pioneer Fall Festival. I helped Joe Patrick with sound and Lisa sang in the choir. Not only that, but Kate Hockersmith managed to get me to volunteer to help out with the Blue Grass Kids. So we are definitely feeling like we are part of the community. Add to that the fact that Lane just published one of my cow comics in the paper.

The cow comic is something I did daily for almost 3 years. It started out with my wife and I talking about the video of "What Does The Fox Say." Search for it on YouTube, if you are curious. Anyway, she thought it was just about the stupidest thing she had ever seen, and couldn't figure out why it got so many hits. She said: "I don't care what the fox says, I want to know what does the cow say?". So I drew the above comic on a napkin and gave it to her. I had a few more ideas and started a website where I could display them and people could sign up for a daily email. That's why they call me the cow whisperer. It has nothing to do with actual cows.

Anyway we are breathing new life into the cow comic and I will also be occasionally submitting a humorous column, called The Cow Whisperer. I hope you enjoy it.


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