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Dear Editor,

Walla Walla County is at a pivotal point in our history. We have seen an influx of tourism, and along with it we have a booming economy. We have three well-respected colleges. We have great healthcare. We have a strong agricultural sector, world-renowned wineries, and a growing industrial complex. Our community has deservingly earned national recognition for our quality of life, atmosphere, and demeanor. However, we are also seeing an increasing influx of criminality and social problems. Street gangs, mental health crises, and the opioid epidemic are not just at our doorstep—they are in our homes.

At this juncture, it is critical that we, as Walla Walla County residents, choose a Chief Law Enforcement Officer who will encourage proactivity. One who will place the safety of our citizens, and our burgeoning quality of life, first and foremost. And above all, one who has the experience and understanding to efficiently and effectively execute the complex and diverse duties of the office of sheriff.

Law enforcement is an extremely unique job. Not only do we enforce traffic laws, put criminals in jail, and respond to vehicle accidents, but we act also as parents, marriage counselors, mental health professionals, animal wranglers, tire changers, and medical first responders.

We must thoroughly understand state laws and county codes, while staying current on ever-changing case law, policies, and procedures. We must understand forensics, psychology, physics, biology, chemistry, and pathology. In a split-second, we must interpret a stranger’s actions, decide whether to use force, and, if so, how much force to use—all while knowing that this split-second decision may well be studied, analyzed, and deliberated for months.

No other type of work prepares you for working in law enforcement. This unique career requires a unique skillset, only obtained through direct experience.

When I took an oath as a law enforcement officer, and the badge was pinned to my chest, it was expressed to me that this badge is not a symbol of authority, but of public trust. I am incredibly fortunate to have the trust of such a deserving community. You trust me to police with discretion and integrity, to use force appropriately, and, most importantly, to be there when you need me. Please continue that trust by joining me, and many of my deputy brothers and sisters, in supporting Mark Crider for Walla Walla County Sheriff.

Deputy Tom Beyer,

Walla Walla


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