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By Teeny McMunn
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Lemon Refrigerator Cake


I’m going to cheat this week and use a recipe I have used before. For several reasons, of which one is, it is a good dessert for this time of year: very lemony.

I made this not too long ago and realized I had picked up two instant lemon puddings instead of one pudding and one Jello. I had a large box of lime Jello and used half of that. It was not a good idea. The lime flavor canceled out the lemon flavor so that neither one came thru.

Zucchini are coming on so if you have any good recipes, please share. I have done the Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe and Zucchini bread. I’m making the Chocolate zucchini cake for tomorrow, since I have a few to harvest.

The Times’ Harvest Edition will be published next week. If you have a recipe that you remember being used during that time, please share.

This is very light and would be perfect after a barbeque. It’s guaranteed to get smiles from your family and friends.


1 pkg lemon cake mix ( I like the one that says “moist” lemon cake)

1 pkg lemon Jello (small)

1 pkg instant lemon pudding (small)

1 pkg frozen whipped topping


Bake cake as directed. While it is baking, dissolve Jello in ¾ cup boiling water; stir well; add ½ cup cold water. Set aside at room temperature.

Cool cake for 20 minutes (I never keep track). Poke deep holes thru the top about 1 inch apart. (I use a fork.) With a cup, slowly pour the Jello over the top. It will seem like you are drowning the cake, but trust me on this, the Jello disappears. Refrigerate. Then mix the pudding with 1 ½ cup cold milk until it thickens; add thawed topping to pudding, fold in completely, and spread over cake. (I thaw the topping out while I am waiting for the cake to bake).

Enjoy;)—don’t forget to lick the beaters!


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