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First Amendment retaliation


April 11, 2024

Dear Editor 

It appears that some CCC members and elected officials continue to display disregard for all community members’ First Amendment rights. Port of Columbia Commissioner Seth Bryan is the administrator for the Dayton Uncensored Facebook page, which allows harassment, defamation, doxxing, and cyber-harassment of community members engaging in constitutionally protected activity.

The First Amendment right to criticize public officials, access the courts, and comment on issues of public interest are well-established and supported by case law.

An elected official’s retaliation against a citizen for exercising their First Amendment rights is a blackletter constitutional violation. The violation includes anyone’s behavior to deter “a person of ordinary firmness” from continuing to engage in protected speech or conduct.

Disagreement is part of the democratic process. However, intimidation, stalking, cyber-harassment, and defamation with the intent to silence opposing voices is not. When a private entity has acted jointly and intentionally with elected officials, it is proper to hold these entities accountable for the actions that they helped bring about, encouraged, and condoned.

I have endured two years of retaliation for my First Amendment-protected actions, violating my constitutional rights. It’s very disheartening to witness this community held hostage by a handful of individuals who attack livelihoods and reputations with disregard for constitutional rights. Creating an atmosphere of fear and effectively censoring voices.

Theresa Eier

Dayton, Wash. 


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