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Message from a WSD Board candidate


August 10, 2023

To the Waitsburg School District voters,

My name is Tia Hays. I am running for Waitsburg School Board member because I love our community and want to support the kids in our district. I have 3 children in our district currently; a 1st grader, a 6th grader and a sophomore in high school. I have a vested interest in the quality of our kids’ education and school experience. My top priority is to help provide a superior learning environment not only for my children but for all children in our district. I stand for cooperation and transparency between the school board, the school district and parents. Now more than ever parental engagement in our kids’ education is critical to their success. One way, among many, I am investing my time and energy is at the school board level. I also know that not every parent can be as involved as they would like to be. By voting for me on Nov 7th, you vote for a parental advocate who will be your seat at the table. Thank you.

Tia Hays

Waitsburg, Wash.


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