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Libraries are more than books

To the editor:

I would like to address the proposed dissolution of the Columbia County Rural Library District.

It is only from a privileged place that one could say a library is unnecessary, and it is a narrow view that only sees a building with books.

The library keeps a homeless person warm, safe, and off the streets.

The library helps parents and their children meet others so they aren’t so lonely.

The library offers entertainment to those who can’t afford to go to the movies, buy DVDs, or streaming services.

The library welcomes strangers and provides them with information about the community.

The library provides a haven for kids after school and during the summers when parents and friends are unavailable.

The library offers the opportunity to learn new skills.

The library expands a person’s worldview by providing stories that represent diversity.

All of those people were me. Any of those people could be you.

The Columbia County Rural Library District is the heart of Columbia County. I urge those involved to resolve their differences and find a way to keep the library doors open. It would be a shame to lose something so valuable to so many.

Nyssa Zanger

Dayton, Washington


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