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Lets enhance our community


Let’s take a step back and look at how we can enhance the lives of our families and neighbors. How do our actions benefit our community? What are our motives? Are they self-serving or good for humanity? What resources in this community enrich the lives of you and your neighbors? What resources are we lacking?

At a recent city council meeting, the topic of growing the tax base came up. Do we have the resources to draw new businesses and residents to our community? What would you look for if you were looking for a small thriving community to reside in? The school district, medical care, places of worship, recreational opportunities (such as pool, hiking, etc.), public library, housing, dining opportunities, and availability of childcare are examples. To make these attributes more attractive, they are served up to the world by a united, kind community.

What is a united community? In our opinion, a community that works together to accomplish goals that enhance the well-being of everyone, strong bodies, strong minds, and compassionate spirit. Embracing our differences creates a strong united community and builds tax base.

We invite the community leaders, whether they are elected or citizens who lead, to work toward establishing resources that support sustainable growth and a healthy community. Let’s invest in a strong community together.

In kindness,

Mary Lenox

Regina Weldert

Dayton, Wash.


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