By Lane Gwinn
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New art Venue on Main St. opens in Dayton on All Wheels Weekend


Lane Gwinn

Art, architecture, and cars will converge this weekend in Dayton. A familiar storefront on Main Street has a new fresh look and will host artwork by owner Winnie Brumsickle and Kimi Bruzas on June 17.

DAYTON-Artists Winnie Brumsickle and Kimi Bruzas will display their work in Dayton during All Wheels Weekend. The exhibit opens on June 17, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 143 E. Main Street.

The show includes original collages by Bruzas and mixed media paintings by Brumsickle. Though they approach their work with unique visual vocabularies, their pieces share many elements that make the combined show cohesive.

Bruzas and her sister Lori are well known for their shop The Gaudy Gals on Main Street in Waitsburg. A selection of Bruzas' work, including prints, are available at her eclectic shop.

An established artist, Brumsickle lives and works in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. She owns Boathouse Mercantile where she creates and sells her art and perfumes.

Brumsickle bought the classic storefront building in 2020 after seeing it while she visited friends in Dayton. Like her work, she looked past the existing surfaces to peer through to the other side of the historic building. The artist was drawn to the beauty of the original concrete and brick, revealed as layers of wall cover were peeled away.

The facade has new life after being painted a fresh white that shows off its architectural details. The exhibit will be a wonderful opportunity to come in and meet the artists, enjoy the art on the walls, and welcome Brumsickle to Dayton.






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